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zombie fog pic

Halloween is right around the corner and not much is more frightful than zombies, especially in Atlanta, the home to The Walking Dead.

Well, if you’re looking for some thrills, there are a few options that can be a lot of fun for your older fright fans.

First, how about testing your skills chasing down zombies? Fun, right? Well, a little frightful, too.

zombie hunt

Get your friends together and head to the SAS Black Ops Indoor Arena in Marietta on Saturday nights through Halloween. It’s a laser tag facility and the Zombie Apocalypse happens from 7-11pm each Saturday. The fog will roll in and you’ll fight for survival against the zombie horde—realizing some of your friends may now be among them.

You just need to book a session, grab your gear (a state-of-the-art laser tag pro battle rifle), sit in on a briefing, and head to the indoor arena to get the Zombies! But here’s the deal: if the zombies get you first, you become ‘one of them’.

There are survival missions you face that shift up every 15 minutes.

You can reserve a space by calling 678-659-9319 or clicking this link.

It’s recommended participants be at least 5 years old (and I say older if they scare easily, like me).

walker stalker con

If that doesn’t give you your fill of zombies, don’t forget about the Walker Stalker Con happening Halloween Weekend. This is a must-attend if you are a fan of The Walking Dead (TWD).

It’s a zombie and horror themed convention packed with events, panels and other fan experiences.

There are 10 of these events held around the world, but Atlanta is its home base and hosts the big names in TWD world…just look at this rundown of people who will be there:

Andrew Lincoln∙ Chandler Riggs∙ Norman Reedus∙ Michael Rooker∙ Melissa McBride Emily Kinney∙ Steven Yeun∙ David Morrissey∙ Michael Cudlitz∙ Scott Wilson∙ Josh McDermitt Christian Serratos∙ Lennie James∙ Chad Coleman∙ Andrew J West∙ Ross Marquand Lauren Cohen∙ Alexandra Breckenridge∙ Sonequa MArtin­Green∙ Steve Coulter∙ Jane McNeil Jordan Woods­Robinson∙ IronE Singleton∙ Tovah Feldshuh∙ Tyler James Williams∙ Major Dodson Melissa Ponzio∙ Kyla Kenedy∙ Daniel Bonjour∙ Lew Temple∙ Corey Brill∙ Brighton Sharbino Daniel Thomas May∙ Dahlia Legault∙ Katelyn Nacon∙ Jeff Kober∙ Michael Traynor∙ Madison Lintz Lawrence Gilliard, Jr.∙ Jeryl Prescott∙ Jay Bonansinga∙ Seth Gilliam∙ Denise Crosby∙ Travis Love Adam Minarovich∙ Jose Pablo Cantillo∙ Lincoln A. Castellanos∙ Melissa Hutchison∙ Denis O’Hare Ian Somerhalder∙ Paul Wesley∙ Michael Malarkey∙ Giancarlo Esposito∙ RJ Mitte∙ Robert Englund Kane Hodder∙ Zach Galligan∙ Judith O’Dea∙ Russ Streiner∙ Ming Chen∙ Mike Zapcic Anastasia Baranova∙ Bex Taylor­Klaus∙ Tate Steinsiek∙ Nestor Carbonell

The event is being held at the Georgia World Congress Center this year from October 30-November 1st.

big zombie tour, atlanta movie tours

And if that’s not enough, there’s also the Big Zombie Tours through Atlanta Movie Tours.

The guides take you around to the movie locations where TWD is filmed in this area, while also sharing a little insight into the behind the scenes action at each.

You can find out about that by clicking here.




Porshe Experience Center,

Life in Atlanta offers all kinds of opportunities, but there’s a new one many locals haven’t even heard about yet that will give them a taste of life in the fast lane.

That’s a real treat if you’ve ever sat in Atlanta traffic during rush hour, when the pace can be considered a crawl.

Now, you can try taking a spin in a Porsche (it’s por-shuh, not porsh, in case you wondered) at the Porsche Experience Center at the brand’s headquarters in Atlanta, GA, located near Hartsfield Jackson Airport.

The 27 acre complex allows you to enjoy a bit of Porsche’s past, present, and future.

For a fee (which varies, depending on how much time you want in the vehicle and which Porsche you choose to drive, but I’m told starts at around $300), you can get one-on-one instruction on the test track modules and off-road course (for the Cayenne only), take a virtual spin in the Driving Simulator Center (you can just book this if you don’t need to go out on the course), walk through the Heritage Center stocked with various Porsche models, peek into the Classic Restoration Center and enjoy a meal at the restaurant. Oh, and there’s a gift shop. Bring your money. A bunch.

Porsche driving simulation center

On display, you’ll find the concept car for the Porsche Spyder 918. The current design is also on display in the Heritage Center, along with a 1957 356A Speedster.

You’ll also find a 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S which served as the Official Pace Car of the 50th Anniversary of the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona held January 28-29, 2012. It’s signed by the legends of Daytona and all racers who competed in the 2012 race.

There’s also a very impressive dangling sculpture that, when you stand in a specific point and look up, forms the outline of a 918 Spyder. From any other vantage point it just looks like dangling metal.

dangling sculpture

This is the first Porsche Experience Center in the US. Another is being built in Carson City near Los Angeles (scheduled to open in September of 2016). There’s an existing PEC in Germany, and another opened in France earlier in 2015. Another is under construction in Shanghai.

You must make a reservation if you want to visit and I’m told you don’t need any previous skill to drive. You just need to be 21 and have a valid driver’s license.

You can find out more at this link.

Until you make it there yourself, enjoy the video above of my time at the center. Just click on the arrow to get it to play.

(Note to readers: I was hosted at the Porsche Experience Center as part of a promotional tour of Atlanta, sponsored by DiscoverAtlanta.  As always, my opinion remains my own.)

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Matilda Jane: Fun, Whimsical Fashions for Gals of All Ages

by Desiree Miller on October 1, 2015


Can you remember that time when you were little and you put on your favorite dress and just twirled around in it non-stop, loving how it filled out a circle around you, and how beautiful that made you feel?

It’s one of my favorite memories of childhood, and I’m reminded of it often with my youngest child, who also loves that feeling, and searches out dresses and skirts designed to do that on a daily basis—not just for fancy dances.

Well, there’s a line of clothing that a neighbor introduced me to that is all about that whimsical fun, with lots of twirling potential, along with other creative twists that leave the person wearing it feeling young and carefree.

It’s the Matilda Jane line and the fall looks were just released.

They’re adorable.




And they have something for all gals, from baby to tween and even mom.

My neighbor, Mitzi, is one of their ‘Trunk Keepers’ and helps show the clothes in her home as part of the home-based business model they have, allowing her to earn extra money by introducing us to these fun designs.

You can learn more about Matilda Jane by going to their site.

If you see something you want to order, please get in touch with my neighbor at, or you can input your zip code and find a rep in your area.

Take a look at the designs and tell me which one is your favorite!






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god made you beautiful

It happens around us all the time, but how often do you step in, either saying something, or doing something, about a bully…especially when that bully may be a parent?

It’s an issue that’s tackled this season on the Dr. Oz Show, and an issue that isn’t always simply black and white.

They call it ‘How Would You Deal?’ segments, and they’re similar to other undercover segments you see on network television in the famed ‘What Would You Do?’ series.

The segments have viewers facing moral dilemmas, issues that many of us may struggle with that may impact our mind, body and spirit in ways we’re not even aware of.

For example, what would you do if a mother in a restaurant was pressuring her child, shaming in a sense, to choose foods on a menu that the mother considers healthy, instead of what the child wants. Except the mother doesn’t do it in a kind way…she shames her with references to her weight, and lack of friends. The child is clearly hurt by the scolding. Others in the restaurant can clearly hear what is being said and are uncomfortable. So, when the mother goes into the restroom for a minute, leaving the child alone at the table, other diners have a chance to step in, but will they?

Would you?

If you saw this in a restaurant, would you say something to the mother…or to the child? What if the mother was calling that child fat…or saying they won’t have friends if they make pancakes their breakfast choice? Would you intervene then, especially if it is clear that child is upset?

Those are the kinds of scenarios caught on video, and now part of the Dr. Oz series.

I personally like these episodes because I think they remind each of us that we can get involved when we see situations that seem cruel or unfair. So often, we stand back and think we’re intruding, when sometimes, that’s exactly what needs to happen.

The episode airing on Thursday, October 1st, focuses on this topic.  Find out then how this special note plays a role.

You can catch the Dr. Oz Show in Atlanta at 3pm on weekdays on WSB-TV.

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Great Gifts for the Mermaid Lover in Your Life

by Desiree Miller on September 29, 2015

mermaid statue

There are days when I’m certain I was a mermaid in some past life…I love the ocean, especially the feeling of my hair flowing behind me as I swim under water, adore the sun on my face when I float, and feel certain I could live in the sea forever and ever.

My daughters are the same way.

But they are a whole lot luckier than I was as a child, because these days, you can buy all kinds of fun merchandise that takes that fantasy a step or two further.

mermaid relaxing

You can purchase a mermaid tail that you actually wear and swim in…and sites such as offer them in a variety of colors and sizes. They run about $130 with the swimsuit you purchase along with it (which you don’t have to buy, but I figured if you’re going for it, go all the way), so my youngest had to save and save before she got her FinFun Tail. But boy, does she love wearing it when she swims. And people comment left and right about how they’d love one, too.

finfun tail

Wearing it is certainly an ab-workout, because you essentially can’t use your legs for more than a dolphin kick when you have on the monofin (that’s the plastic piece that gives it the realistic look), so that also makes it something the kids should only use when an adult is nearby and has the stomach muscles to control it (though they do sell versions without the monofin that are safer for littler mermaids).

blankie tails

There are also tails for when you’re OUT of the water, including soft, plush ones that you can buy from the site Blankie Tails.

blanket tails

They have pink tails and aqua ones, and even sell shark tails for the kiddos who identify with sharks, instead. The Mermaid Blankets are priced at about $35, so they’re a great deal more affordable than the FinFun option, though these serve to keep you warm instead of helping you fly through the water. We were sent one to review and have to say they are much larger than we thought (it’s big for our ten year old, who rolls the waist down when she snuggles in it…yet, I found it ideal for my adult-sized body—even being able to walk in it when I put my feet in the fin portion–in case she ever wants to share it). I personally prefer the roomy size since it really is intended to be something to keep you (ok, your little one) cozy and warm.

crochet tail

You can also find crocheted mermaid tails. Those are available as kits or as completed projects. You can find a variety of different styles if you search Etsy or just google it, and the prices vary quite a bit, too. I personally adore this option for newborn pictures, though I think the Blankie Tails looks a lot more comfortable for just lying around the house.

Kimberly McDonald Ariel necklace

Of course, there are all kinds of other mermaid gift items available these days, from high end jewelry (like the charm I found at a Four Seasons Resort gift shop in Orlando for a whopping $70,400!–other Disney inspired items can be found here), to pretend mermaid items from the Disney Little Mermaid line.

I believe any mermaid lover is going to adore the options listed above if you’re shopping for a gift for them, no matter what the holiday!




Care to Play? Carnival Cruise Lines Brings Smiles to St. Jude

September 28, 2015

Carnival Cruise Lines is all about having fun, and sometimes, that means bringing the good times on shore to people who need a smile more than most: the children of St. Jude. The kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital are fighting for their lives…literally…and sometimes, they need a bit of an escape. Enter the “Day of Play”, an event that Carnival Cruise Lines brings to the hospital grounds in Memphis, Tennessee, so that the children and their families can spend an afternoon at their impromptu carnival. The cruise line […]

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What You Need to Know about Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

September 27, 2015

Odds are if you’re a Disney fan, you’ve heard about the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP). After all, this is the 10th year for the event. But, as I found when I wanted to bring my family, it can be really confusing to figure out how it all works. So, I’m offering up the lessons I learned from our night of not-so-scary fun. First: Check the calendar for the right night. I was under the impression this happened every night, but that’s not the case. This year, it […]

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The Little Girl Who Wished to See the Pope

September 25, 2015

You’re facing an illness that can kill you and are asked what wish might bring you some happiness as you stare down death. What would you request? Now, put yourself in the shoes of a child in that situation. Most children wish to see Walt Disney World, or meet their favorite sports star, but Tayde Cruz Dodds had a different wish when she was facing cancer as a child several years ago. She wanted to meet the Pope. Pope John Paul II. The folks at Make-a-Wish weren’t sure they could […]

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Little Warriors. Big Fight. Help St. Jude Children’s Research Center

September 17, 2015

One out of every five children diagnosed with cancer will not survive. They won’t make it to high school graduation, to walk down the aisle for a wedding, or go on to have their own children. Sure, the odds have shifted in a massive way since St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital  was created. Back then, in 1962, the survival rate was just one in four. Now, it’s 80%. Four out of five children diagnosed with cancer will make it. But that still means one in five won’t. Mary Elizabeth didn’t.  She went to […]

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CoolSculpting: It Worked Better than I Thought It Would

September 10, 2015

Just like the evil villain in a scary movie, the fat around my belly snuck up on me. I didn’t even see it on my back. But I knew at the beginning of summer, when I put on a swimsuit for the first time, that something needed to be done.  That’s why I was so excited about CoolSculpting when I saw a commercial advertising it.  There were promises to eliminate stubborn fat.  I wanted in on that.  So, I made one phone call, but never went in for the free […]

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