Tracks Air headphones

I love my electronics but don’t love all the cords I always seem to be throwing in my bag, so I’m super excited about the Sol Republic WIRELESS headphones that I was recently sent.  Yep. Wireless.

Yay, right?!

No wore cables wrapped around who-knows-what inside my purse, or travel bag, or the floor of my car when the kids are borrowing my headphones.

This is big, folks.  At least it’s big in my world.  And odds are I’m not alone.

The Sol Republic Tracks Air headphones aren’t the kind of wireless headphones that still keep you tethered to your music source.  These headphones have a 150 foot range.  They’re promoted as a ‘bass-rich listening experience’, and you know what they say about all that bass (cue Meghan Trainor here).

And now, they come with a 100-day money back guarantee, so if they’re not everything you wanted (or needed in my case), then you can simply send them back.

The company sent me a set to put to the test.  I love the convenience and simplicity of these headphones, but even more, I love the sound.  It’s like you’re instantly transported to another place once the headphones go on and the music starts playing.  I also love that they have a 15- hour battery life.

(Special note to readers: The guarantee applies only to Tracks Air wireless headphones purchased on or after October 15, 2014, direcly from Sol Republic via the official web site at  Tracks Air headphones must be returned within 100 days following the purchase to be eligible for the refund.)  

Want to find out more or get yourself a pair?  This link will lead you there.  This one for Radio Shack will work, too.  They’re listed for just under 200 dollars.  Let me know what you think of them when you give them a try!





Daily Inspiration from Des (9)

by Desiree Miller on December 18, 2014

dreams big enough


What is it you dream of?  The dog you see in this photo is Bronco, a pup we adopted on a trip to Aruba.  He is so beautiful, but was found on the streets and a foster family was caring for him while he waited for a home. He was afraid of people and came to us very small and frightened.  Nine months later, he is now very big and incredibly strong.  I tell everyone if there was a professional football team for dogs, Bronco would be the MVP of every game.  He’s like a superhero version of a dog and runs faster than anything I’ve ever seen and can jump higher than most fences. He has no idea of his own strength.  Look how much he’s changed in less than a year–imagine how much you can change if you want it enough.


Daily Inspiration from Des (8)

by Desiree Miller on December 17, 2014

life begins


This photo was taken at the US Open in New York a few months ago.  This tennis player, Lucas Sithole of South Africa, is ranked second in the world in wheelchair tennis, and won the 2013 US Open.  He is missing one arm and both legs, but never let it stop him from chasing his dreams.

Who motivates you to move out of your comfort zone?


Daily Inspiration from Des (7)

by Desiree Miller on December 16, 2014


reason to smile


Just a reminder that everyone matters to someone, whether you realize it or not…the dog you see above is my cousin’s dog, ‘Coach’, and he brings so many smiles to my cousin’s face, I couldn’t resist sharing their pictures in today’s daily inspiration.


Daily Inspiration from Des (6)

by Desiree Miller on December 15, 2014

leap and net will appear


Today’s daily inspiration includes a photo taken off a cliff on the coast of Cabo, Mexico, at the Hacienda Encantada Resort.


Carter’s Babies and Kids Pajama Program “One Million Good Nights”

December 14, 2014

(Note to readers: I was compensated for sharing the information in this post, but I requested that the compensation be donated back toward the purchase of pajamas for those in need.  As always, my opinion remains my own.) My kids want video games, car speakers, and new boots for Christmas, and would roll their eyes if the gift they opened that morning was a pair of pajamas, but that is exactly what many children around in Atlanta need right now.  That’s right. PJs. That’s why I’m working with Carter’s Babies […]

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Hoping for a Home for the Holidays: AdoptUSKids

December 14, 2014

I remember going to bed, listening to Edith (not her real name out of respect for her privacy) tell me how her mother held a gun to her head as she went to sleep some nights.  Other times, she told me about her father using a horse whip to discipline her.  Or making her drink from the toilet. I was only about 10 when she told me this.  Edith might have been 14. She was one of the foster children who my family took care of for a bit, as […]

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Where to Take Your Family for Christmas Holidays in Atlanta

December 13, 2014

There are dozens of wonderful places you can visit in Atlanta to get into the holiday spirit, but a few truly stand out as places you simply shouldn’t miss.  My family found the Holidays in the Park at Six Flags over Georgia to be tops. Stone Mountain Park’s Christmas Celebration is fun and festive, and I personally believe the Garden Lights display at Atlanta Botanical Gardens makes the most romantic date night you can dream of during the holidays. SIX FLAGS HOLIDAY IN THE PARK Six Flags claims to have […]

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