Opryland Resort- A City Within Itself

by Desiree Miller on February 28, 2012

After spending a couple nights at the Opryland Resort, it’s hard to think of it as anything other than a wonderful little city within itself, complete with waterfalls, beautiful gardens, its own little riverboat tour and so much more.

There are thousands of rooms (the guide told us exactly how many on the riverboat tour but I was distracted getting a better angle for my waterfall photo).  A friend and I took the riverboat tour and learned all kinds of other amazing trivia about the resort, including where the largest chandelier is located (near the convention center), how water from all over the world was used to fill the river that we were floating on, and how the resort uses 22 gardeners to keep the landscaping looking so beautiful.

There’s also a fitness center (nope, I never set foot in there since I felt like the walking from the room to the convention center and back was exercise enough for me, though I heard it was amazing) and several restaurants (yes, I did hit some of those), shops (and I hit several of those), and more.

It’s the kind of resort you show up at on Thursday and don’t leave until Sunday.  I’ve done that three times now, each time wishing I could stay just a little longer, and always hoping I can bring the kids the next time.

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