Disney Characters—Who Would Be the Ultimate Survivor?

by Desiree Miller on March 6, 2012

Dumbo ride at Disney

Many of you may have caught the Saturday Night Live skit on the Real Housewives of Disney recently, but I see so many other Disney characters as ideal candidates for the Survivor reality show.   Think about what they’ve all been through.

Poor Bambi saw his home burn down.

Mowgli was raised by a bunch of animals.

Quasimodo got stuck in a tower and ultimately had to save the people who teased him.

Simba was tricked by his mean uncle and told he was responsible for his father’s death.

Poor Lady had to take a back seat to a baby and ended up in love with The Tramp.

And my favorite character of all, Dumbo, was teased relentlessly because of his huge ears and separated from his mother.

The list goes on and on. And on.

But Dumbo IS my favorite because he turned that negative into something amazing, something magical.  Dumbo is the ultimate survivor in my book because he didn’t just persevere, he learned to “work it”.  He showed all the mean guys just how good being different could be.

So, when it comes to the player holding the final flame, Dumbo, you are Disney’s Ultimate Survivor to me.

Who do you think would be the last to leave the island?

  • Do we include Pixar characters as well? Marlin (Nemo’s dad) had his wife and nearly entire family (except for Nemo) killed. Then, his only son was abducted and he traveled the entire ocean braving sharks, angler fish, jelly fish, an annoying sidekick fish, sea gulls, etc. to save him.

    Or what about the Toy Story toys? They’ve faced off against an evil kid and dog, a profit obsessed toy salesman, and not one, but 2 bitter old toys (Stinky Pete and Lotso). They even (spoiler alert) survived being incinerated. Those are some tough toys.

    Then you get to Mr. Incredible and his family. Any one of them would be pretty tough to beat.

    Maybe someone needs to make a Disney Ultimate Survivor and have people vote off one character every week?

    • Desiree

      So true! I really can’t believe someone hasn’t thought of this before. I think we are on to something!

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