Pepperidge Farm Celebrates 75 Years of Yum with New Flavors

by Desiree Miller on August 12, 2012

You could pretty much split my family in half for our snack preferences—sweet and salty. I fall under the sweet category (suits my personality, huh?!), and crave cookies at least once a day, which explains why the salty snacks last longer in my pantry (my kids aren’t big snackers like I am).

Pepperidge Farm leaves both snack sides happy, especially with the new additions to their portfolio.

Have you seen the new Jingos! Crackers?  They come in three varieties: zesty Lime & Sweet Chili, savory Parmesan Garlic, and smoky Fiesta Cheddar.

Goldfish will always be a favorite, but Jingos! Crackers offer a grown up alternative.  I love the taste of the Parmesan Garlic but my son couldn’t get enough of the Lime & Sweet Chili.  They had a bit of a bite but certainly weren’t too spicy for most palates.

Other new options include the Milano Slices and Milano Melts. The Milano Slices are an open-faced cookie with chocolate and pretzel pieces.  The Milano Melts are chocolaty cookies with vanilla crème filling.

It’s crazy to me that a company like Pepperidge Farm keeps coming up with such delicious options.  Think about it.  For 75 years now (yes, some things do get better with age), they’ve been one of the tastiest options available.

Did you know the company was created when Margaret Rudkin needed to come up with a bread that addressed her son’s allergies? Yep, just like that, in her own kitchen.  I bet she would have been blown away if she was told then that 75 years later her foods would be available in 40 countries!

The actual anniversary is August 15th.  What better way to celebrate than to go get a bag of cookies or crackers, too?

All that's left of the Milano Slices is crumbs.

I can tell you this.  Our samples that were sent just yesterday—three boxes of Jingos! and two bags of cookies—are all gone already.  That’s how good they are.  You can bet we’ll be at the store getting more.

(Reader note: This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.)


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