Hunger Games Fans Can Tour Movie Locations and More in Atlanta

by Desiree Miller on November 23, 2013


Do you think you could survive a day in the actual Hunger Games?  Slide over Katniss and Peeta. Make room for one more.

You now have the chance to walk in the footsteps of your favorite stars thanks to the Hunger Games™ Unofficial Fan Tours recently launched.

Since much of the “Catching Fire” movie was shot in Atlanta, there’s a one-day tour being offered here starting on December 14th on Saturdays or Sundays (one VIP tour launched November 22nd).  The excursion includes tour guides, film locations like the Swan House (President Snow’s Capitol mansion in the movie), hands-on activities that include Archery Tag and meals that feature foods that the characters would have eaten in the books and movie.

Hunger Games™ Unofficial Fan Tours partnered with Atlanta Movie Tours to create and carry out the one-day tours. There will also be Adventure Weekends that will begin in April 2014 and run thru the year.

Tammy Hopkins, co-producer of the Hunger Games™ Unofficial Fan Tours, explains her company has “had two amazing years of fan tours in Western North Carolina showcasing the filming locations from the first film The Hunger Games.™ Fans have traveled to North Carolina from 44 states and 7 countries.”  The company plans to continue to offer Day Tours in 2014 in Henry River Mill Village and DuPont State Forest in North Carolina where the first film was shot.

Here’s the breakdown on the tours, complete with company descriptions:

Hunger Games™ Unofficial Fan Tours: Day Tours in Atlanta, GA

Dates: Dec. 14, 21, 22, & 28  & Saturdays & Sundays in 2014

Time: 10:30 am – 3:30 pm 

Cost: $94

Spend the day with Hunger Games™ Unofficial Fan Tours exploring filming locations used in the second film. You’ll join other fans from around the globe as you’re whisked around the city in your private shuttle. Hunger Games™ Unofficial Fan Tours has partnered with Atlanta Movie Tours, The Swan House, Clayton County International Park, Film Clayton and other prime locations for an exclusive, behind the scenes look at these iconic locations. You’ll have the opportunity to re-enact some of your favorite scenes with plenty of photo opportunities.

 You’ll also be treated to three workshops:

 • Archery: Learn archery like your favorite character. Our trained guides will teach archery 101 to prepare you to compete in Archery Tag™.

 • Archery Tag™: Hunger Games™ Unofficial Fan Tours is pleased to partner with Archery Tag™ so that you can experience playing a game of tag with foam-tipped arrows to see if you have what it takes to survive. Archery Tag™ is a game of survival. You will master the art of hunting with a bow and foam tipped arrows as you duck and hide not only to keep from getting tagged by an arrow, but also to tag your opponents. Archery Tag™ is the newest phenomenon in family – friendly combat sporting. Archery Tag™ gives the Bow and Arrow a brand new twist.

 • Make your own “volcanic rock” as featured at the filming location at Clayton County International Park.

Your tour includes lunch – featuring foods that your favorite characters would have eaten in The Hunger Games™ books and the Catching Fire™ movie.

To make reservations go to starting November 22. 


Hunger Games™ Unofficial Fan Tours: Catching Fire™ Adventure Weekends

April 11-13,  June 13 – 15,  June 27 – 29,  August 8-10  – more dates coming soon!

Cost: $549   (Fri – Sun) 

Adventure Weekends go from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon

Hunger Games™ Unofficial Fan Tours has partnered with Atlanta Movie Tours to present this immersive hands-on weekend experience. Spend three days and two nights in Atlanta, GA walking in the footsteps of your favorite characters from the hit film The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.™ Your weekend will include lodging, meals, transportation to filming locations, tour guides and mentors, and hands-on activities like Archery Tag, food that your favorite characters would have experienced, a Gala Banquet and you will compete in your own games simulation. Find out if you have what it takes to survive! To make reservations go to

I’m thinking these would make some pretty awesome holiday presents for Hunger Games fans out there.  I intend to take the tour myself and will report back with pictures once it’s over.


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