(Video) Hurricane Harbor Water Park Opens at Six Flags Over Georgia

by Desiree Miller on June 1, 2014


Hurricane Harbor is a new water park to keep your family cool in Atlanta—and get this—it doesn’t cost anything extra beyond your general admission ticket to Six Flags Over Georgia!

My family spent the afternoon at Hurricane Harbor’s media day and I’m telling you, I still can’t believe there’s not an additional fee to be part of this very ‘cool’ fun.  It may be the thing that pushes my family to finally invest in Season Passes.  The last time we had them they were a gift from the grandparents, but we didn’t go to the park enough to make them worth the expense the following year.  This water park could change that.

Hurricane Harbor is the largest expansion in the 47-year history of Six Flags Over Georgia.

It features fun for every age level.

The biggest hit for my oldest kiddos is the Tsunami Surge—the world’s first hybrid zero-gravity slide.  Watch the video above to see how fun this slide is for the kids who can handle the thrill.  There’s a five story dip from the top to the landing pool at the bottom!

family at hurricane harbor

My eight year old really loved the wave pool.  Calypso Bay is 38,000 square foot and features two massive wave generators that create four foot waves in eight different patterns, mimicking the high surf of the ocean.  Trust me, it does exactly that, so don’t assume your really little kiddos should be too deep into the wave pool without a life jacket and inflatable tube.  Heck, I didn’t want to be that deep without a tube to hang on to.  It’s rough seas…until the waves stop.  Then, it’s pure bliss.  But there are just five minute breaks between the next wave, so get ready to rock and roll again.

wave_pool There are three other water slides at Bonzai Piplelines.  You’ll go through 180 and 360-degree curves through those slides.

skull island green slide

And then you’ll find Paradise Island, designed for the littler ones in your group, though some of the highest slides are definitely for the more adventurous children.  And be prepared to have water splashed and dumped on you when you least expect it…it just falls from the sky when you least expect it.

If you get tired of the fun, there are plenty of places to sit and rest a bit, and even some private cabanas you can rent by the Calypso Bay where servers will keep the drinks and food coming (again, for a fee).


My family played in the water park for about three hours and then decided to go hit the roller coasters that are part of the rest of Six Flags.  There’s no doubt we will be back again this summer.  The park is open daily through August 10th.  Comment below and let me know what you think your family will enjoy the most!

hurricane harbor balloons   sream

  • redheadbabymama

    I had to PEEL Red out of the wave pool. He would never have left it! Great video mash up of ride and interview!!!

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