Happy Birthday Pediped–Next Best Thing to Bare Feet

by Desiree Miller on April 6, 2015


It’s hard as a parent to know what’s best for your little ones, but every now and then, a company or product comes along that makes the choices easier, and that’s the case with Pediped shoes.

Pediped is celebrating its 10th birthday this month and I have to say, this brand’s tag line ‘the next best thing to bare feet’ sums up my beliefs perfectly.

I adore pudgy little toes on a baby, so, if I’m going to cover them up with anything, I want that anything to be as cute as possible, and to offer as much support as possible when those babies start trying to walk.

The company now fits all kinds of feet in all kinds of sizes, but they’ll always be my favorite for babies.

They’ll be part of the Atlanta Baby and Child Expo again this year, and we can’t wait to share their fabulous footwear with all the new parents who will be attending!

Happy birthday Pediped! ¬†We’ll save you a cupcake at the show!

  • Pedipeds are our favorite too! They never require a “breaking in” period.

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