Time to Reinvent Yourself? Tory Johnson Shares Tips & a Shift for Good

by Desiree Miller on September 9, 2015

tory johnson

Have you ever felt like it’s time to reinvent yourself?

Maybe changes on the job are forcing you to take a new career path…or your children have ‘left the nest’ and you need a new place to pour your attention…or maybe, you’ve realized you simply want more out of life, or want to leave something more significant behind.

Well, it’s definitely something Tory Johnson has grappled with. The ABC Good Morning America contributor made a mark for herself years ago as an expert in employment, especially for women. With books and conferences called Women for Hire, she was well-known for helping to get gals on track in their careers.

deals and steals on Good Morning America Tory Johnson

As fate would have it, her own role as a contributor for GMA evolved, too, and she became famous for her ‘Deals and Steals’ segments on the morning talk show. She found great products to feature and then shared special discounts with the viewers. Without a doubt, she was reinvented.

In the meantime, she dealt with an issue common among many of us—her weight. She faced pressure to lose some pounds and found a way to make it happen. She then turned that knowledge into a best-selling book to help other women worried about weight, Shift. Again, she was re-inventing herself.

And she’s doing it again now. tory johnson and desiree

Her children both headed off to college recently, in another state, and for the first time in a very long time, she found her home uncomfortably quiet. It’s a struggle to adjust.

And again, she is reinventing herself in front of the masses.

As she struggles with that, she shares tip with the rest of us on simple ways to find more joy in our lives in her new book, Shift for Good. The new book is hitting store shelves September 15th.

I say perfect timing for the rest of us, but also for herself, as she makes the most of her own next chapter in life because, in all honesty, we can all use more joy, no matter where we are in our evolution.

Here a bit more in the video below…it was part of a chat we had while I was in NYC to learn more about the season ahead for the Dr. Oz show, among other things.


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