Love The Walking Dead? Get to Walker Stalker Con #WSCAtlanta

by Desiree Miller on October 21, 2016

twd-cast If you are like me, and much of the rest of the world, and LOVE The Walking Dead TV series (it is the #1 TV show, after all), you really, really don’t want to miss the Walker Stalker Con.

Walker Stalker Con, or just Walker Stalker if you’re a regular attendee, like me, is a three day event that covers all things zombies—and more.

img_0302 It’s where you can get up close and personal with Rick, Daryl, and the rest of The Walking Dead characters, along with players in several other hit shows.

It falls on October 28-30 this year in Atlanta. There are other events around the country, but since most of my readers are right here, all I can say is why miss it? If you like The Walking Dead even a little bit, you will love walking the show floor of this event.


It’s like coming home. Being among your people. People who GET you and get what TWD (true fans call it that) is really about. Yeah, zombies play a central role, but it’s so not about the zombies. But I won’t get into that here.

Because honestly, if you are still reading, I know you’re a huge fan. You’re my people.

And the Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta is the mac-daddy of these Walker Stalker events. Yes, that’s because they shoot most of the series in our back yard. That means they like us best. Or at least, that’s what I tell myself.

What can you see and do at Walker Stalker?

You can meet and take photos with the actors. Yes, you’ll pay for it—you pay to get in the doors—and you pay for photo opps—but I have lived through the regret enough times to know you will kick yourself if you don’t do it.

You can buy some of the coolest gear and memorabilia around. When else do you see Norman Reedus drawn up like Jesus?

You can sit in on panels and listen to Andrew Lincoln (Rick) talk in his normal British accent, instead of the southern drawl that he uses in character.

Seriously—listen here to him at one of the previous Walker Stalker events.


It really doesn’t get better than that, does it?

If you go, know that the panel lines are LOOONG, so get there early if you want a seat.

There’s also the Walking Dead Experience—where you are pretty much dropped into a scene similar to what we see with the characters each week—fighting for their lives—and you have to see if you can survive at the end. I did this last year. Total thrill.

There’s even a ‘safe’ trick or treating day for the kids on Sunday.

There are parties and fundraisers and so much more tied into this event. And people watching. There’s some really great people watching.

You can see a whole schedule of events and buy tickets on this link:

Last year, on our way down, we bumped into people from London in the elevator. They flew all the way ‘across the pond’ for this Walker Stalker Conference. So, if you live right here in Atlanta, why wouldn’t you make the short trip in for this fun event?

It’s at the Georgia World Congress Center—10/28-30. There were some Groupon deals for tickets, so look around and you might find a coupon code still valid. I hope to see you there!



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