Springfree Trampoline: Perfect Gift for the Kids and YOU! (Review)

by Desiree Miller on December 5, 2016

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(Note to readers: The East Cobb Springfree Trampoline store is having a Family Holiday Party on Saturday, 12/10, that you’ll want to be sure to check out. You can find out details at the event invite here. As part of my partnership with them, I was given a trampoline to put to the test, but not compensated otherwise. As always, my opinion remains my own. My daughter says it passes the test with flying colors. My thoughts on the product are in the review below). 

Springfree Trampoline. This is not your daddy’s trampoline.

Older folks will get that reference, ala Oldsmobile/Buick, but for those who don’t, the point is a Springfree Trampoline is much, much more advanced than the fun bouncy thing you may have spent hours on as a child. It is downright high tech, in all the best ways. It’s so high tech that I think you’ll decide you MUST get one for your child this holiday (but really for yourself…stay with me here).


Picture this: The trampoline mat has sensors in it, so as you bounce around, the trampoline KNOWS where you are bouncing, and then integrates that information into an app with various games that incorporate your bouncing into the action. So, think whack-a-mole, only you are the bouncing thing jumping on top of aliens. And you watch it all while jumping. You watch on a tablet logged into an app that uses Bluetooth to track your actions. Know what’s even cooler? You can compete against people halfway around the world, because your score can be posted and compared to others.

It’s called a smart trampoline and that pretty much sums up the Springfree Trampoline. There’s an app called tgoma loaded with games that help get you moving (including the alien game I just mentioned), but help give your brain a workout, too. You get credit for bouncing in the right spot after working out math problems. There are several other games you can play, too.



Or, if your goal is to lose weight, there’s a game for that. You’ll have a professional trampoline coach with 26 trampoline exercises to try. Fitness gurus say on a trampoline you can work more muscle groups, improve balance, and put your joints through 40% less impact than traditional workouts. Plus, 10 minutes on the trampoline equals 30 minutes on the treadmill. Consider me sold! The Springfree even shows how many calories you’ve burned. Remember, tgoma only works on these high tech trampolines.   The traditional ones, well, they’re child’s play compared.

And you know what else is cool?


That’s not even the best part of a Springfree.

Let’s talk safety.

Springfree is, well, free of springs.

Check it out.


The creator re-engineered the traditional trampoline from the ground up, coming up with differences to improve safety. Forget those old metal springs.


Or that funky blue mat that goes over the springs (that’s really just a flimsy layer of foam). You can even forget the poles that go up the side of the netting to keep you from falling out (because it’s safe to fall into a metal pole, right)?



The Springfree springs are UNDER the surface, out of harm’s way. The frame is under the trampoline, beneath the rods. Springfree has a shock absorbent SoftEdge mat that eliminates hard surfaces. And the net enclosure is flexinet with flexible net rods that cushion and prevent falls.

Night and day, kids. Night and day.


(This is a photo taken via Facetime with my daughter using her phone in the tablet holder. I’d gone inside and she wanted to still have supervision until I came back out to watch her.)

Now, you still have to put rules in play—and make sure the kids follow them. That means only one person jumps at a time (or your friend may end up landing on you when they jump, which very well may lead to broken bones—trust me, I know this first hand). You don’t want anything under the trampoline that might get bounced on during the jumping. And somebody should be supervising—just in case.


After all, no matter how smart or safe a trampoline is designed to be, you still have to be smart and safe using it.

Here’s a video showcasing some of what I talked about. You’ll find much more on the Springfree Trampoline website.

  • What a great looking trampoline! I love all the new safety features! And that app and jumping on aliens…wow! Just wow. My kids never would have come inside.

    • Yeah…I need something to convince me exercising isn’t really exercising. This will help.

  • Meagan Shamy

    this is cool. I need a bigger trampoline. Noah’s tricks are getting huge!

    • Yeah–you need a house of trampolines for that kiddo!

  • becca0729

    We have a Springfree store here – I didn’t realize what they were all about.

    • They are super cool…you should pop in the store. Odds are they’re doing a special for the holidays. They’re expensive, but for good reason.

  • Robin Hutson

    Wow, this is super cool! Makes our trampoline look very lame.

  • Sarah Pittard

    I wish so much I had the space for one of these!

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