Furniture for Great Prices: Underpriced Furniture Review

by Desiree Miller on February 24, 2017

underpriced couch

(Note to readers: I was compensated for my review of the store. As always, my opinion remains my own. #ShopUPF #sponsored) 

If you’ve lived in Atlanta for any stretch of time, odds are you’ve seen the commercials for Underpriced Furniture (“Saves You Money!”).

It’s one of those lines that you can’t get out of your head after hearing it. But to be brutally honest, I always thought that really meant ‘cheap’ (as in not well-made, instead of cheap—as in what a great deal!). So, I hadn’t made my way over to their massive store in Duluth all these years. That all changed when I was invited to be part of a decorating challenge through WSB-TV.

The challenge started with a tour of the store and I have to say, it was enormous. No, bigger than that. Like ENORMOUS! The store square footage is 72-thousand, but by building several layers into each display, they’ve found a way to show off 108-thousand square feet of furniture. That’s a whole lot of sofas, huh?
We meandered through mattresses, bedding sets, dining tables and so much more. And you know what jumped out at me most? Yes, the prices are low, but the furniture is high quality. It wasn’t ‘cheap’ like I thought all this time…yes, it is priced under what other stores charge, because of the sheer volume they offer. That allows them to keep overhead low.
In fact, they are so good at it that it’s the third highest volume of any single store operation in the US. Third! In the whole country!

grass wall
And here’s something else I found out while getting a tour of the show room: they deliver the same day. Now, you have to order the furniture by 3pm that day to get it delivered that night, but in Atlanta traffic, that’s impressive, oh, and you have to be within a 25 mile radius of the store, but that covers a whole bunch of us. And yes, there’s a fee. Duh.
After our tour it was time for the decorating challenge. We were each assigned a ‘room’ at random to decorate. We were given a thousand ‘Underpriced’ bucks and 20 minutes to make our room look magnificent. I was lucky enough to be near the Magnolia Home collection (yep, that’s the line created by Joanna Gaines of HGTV fame). Have to admit that gave me a bit of an unfair advantage—it’s hard to make that gorgeous line look ugly. I threw in some cute signs and other accessories and voila! I had a beautiful bedroom.
I ended up winning in my category, and took home a $500 gift card.
As it turned out, I needed a new couch, so I returned to the store a couple weeks later to find my newest furnishing.

Here’s something you’ll want to know if you’re shopping there: the sales staff doesn’t earn a commission. It truly doesn’t matter which piece you pick—they want you to be happy with what you find, and they don’t earn more depending on you selecting a more expensive model. If you say you just want to look, they won’t bug you. But you’ll want help. I promise. The store is huge, and you’ll have questions. I know I did. I wanted a particular kind of couch…and then changed my mind and wanted another. I also wanted mine right away, so it was important to know if it was a couch that was in stock (at their warehouse a couple miles away, where we could pick it up ourselves, or have it delivered same day), or if it was something that needed to be special ordered (think sleeper sofa here).
I ended up finding a couch in a different color than I even thought I wanted, and got it at such a great price I was able to pick up a fabulous extra piece that I now use as a coffee table/ottoman of sorts. And here’s a valuable tip: I found it in their clearance room! Make sure you take a few minutes to look through the clearance space for a great deal. My piece was marked way down and only has the tiniest scratch on the corner. I also found out it’s a staging expert’s dream room. For people who professionally stage furniture in homes for sale, that clearance room is like a guaranteed jackpot!
But truthfully, the entire store is packed with treasures. From office furniture to mattresses to unique children’s rooms, there is something for everyone at Underpriced—and they will SAVE YOU MONEY! So, don’t be foolish like I was for the last 14 years. Consider this your personal invitation to go see the deals. I think you’ll be glad you did!

(oh–and here’s a photo of the couch and table I bought–pretty, right? and combined, just a little more than $500!!)

new couch

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