Your Solution for Smelly Problems: Goodwipes (a Review)

by Desiree Miller on August 27, 2017

Goodwipes in wallet

I went for a brisk walk last week with a friend. Down here in the ‘deep south’ we call Atlanta, it was HOT (understatement). I’d like to say the sweat made me glow, but instead it made me smell. Bad. Just keeping it real, kids.
I still didn’t have a shower curtain up at my new place (I’d only been here 2 days, so don’t give me grief…there are a lot of boxes piled up and the priority was getting the door frame off the wall to fit my luxurious new tub into the bathroom. The house is still a work in progress, so to speak. The plumber came the next morning to hook up the faucet and water, and I have to say it’s dreamy, so I’m not so worried about the shower curtain at the moment.


But the tub issue didn’t help me the night of my walk. My smelly self had to improvise, so I ended up wiping down with a paper towel.
Yeah, not so luxurious.
But now, I have Goodwipes, AKA ‘magical little baths-on-the-go’ that I just recently discovered.
And you can bet I won’t be caught without them again.

shower in a wipe


Between the daily running around with the kids (and you know how they can smell!), and my non-stop style of traveling, maintaining a fresh, clean feeling can be a challenge. Not so much now. These Goodwipes even come in single packages so that I can tuck them away in random places where I’ll know they’ll be needed, like my wallet, my glove box, my airline approved clear plastic bag that I keep packed at all times for last minute flights.
The wipes make it easy to freshen up in all those spots that scream smelly, including ‘down there’. You know what they mean.


I just found out about this brand and I have to say I like what I see.
Their mantra is “doing more, feeling good and living clean”. I sign up for all of that.
The company even took a bus around the country over the summer spreading the word, along with handing out the wipes to people who could use a quick freshening. They even made a stop at Hartsfield Jackson here in Atlanta. They called their trip #WipesonWheels and it included stops at many of the WalMart stores where you can find the wipes. Here’s a list of where they’re available: (there’s even a coupon there currently that you can use!)
The wipes are like skinny, little washcloths, and they’re infused with tea tree oil. There’s aloe, peppermint and ginseng in there, too. There are different scents, like lavender and shea-coco.
They’ll take care of your sweat, oil and smell. Oh, and they’re completely biodegradable.
There’s no alcohol, so they shouldn’t dry out or irritate your skin, especially in sensitive spots.
I’m not saying you should use them to replace a shower. Nope. But these will hold you over until you can do that (or until you get that shower curtain up, like a certain other person you know).

train trip

I have a 36 -hour train trip planned in a couple weeks.  It’s the ultimate adventure in planes, trains, and automobiles. You can bet I’ll load up with these for that journey. And I’ll be bringing them along on my next long flight to Barcelona set for a few months from now.
Who am I kidding? I’ll have them with me pretty much everywhere I go. I want people to remember me smelling good, with Goodwipes.

(Note to readers: Many thanks to The Women Bloggers for telling me about Goodwipes and asking me to put them to the test. I was compensated for my work, but as always, my opinion remains my own.) 

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