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by Desiree Miller on October 31, 2017

c9 Champion leggings

It’s Fall, y’all, and that means time to pull out the warm weather clothes that leave you feeling comfortable and cozy, and maybe even energized to workout before you pack on a couple holiday pounds.

And when you work out, you want to look cute doing it, or at least I do, just in case the exercising part doesn’t happen and you end up in those yoga pants or running tights all day, paired with your favorite sweatshirt.

A new set of workout attire does inspire me to at least try getting on the treadmill a little more often, especially when it looks and feels as good as the C9 Champion brand that was sent to me recently to review.

c9 champion outfit

First of all, the pants are probably my favorite leggings I own now. They mold to your body, without showing all the little bumps back there that you don’t need others to notice. The pair I got has an iridescent ribbon up the legs that reminds me of a celtic design. They’re actually pretty. They feel great. And, the special fabric makes your unfit legs look like you’ve been working out for years. Yeah. Winning already, right??!!

c9 Champion

I wasn’t as crazy about the sweatshirt, or fleece jacket as they call it. It’s nice, but a little more lightweight than I’d like for colder weather. The zip-up front, pockets and hoodie make it popular with my daughters, though. I do admit I like the thumbhole feature, since typically the kiddos end up cutting them into their other sweatshirts anyway. I’ll let them adopt the hoodie and think I’m going to go back and get myself the half-zip option for myself.



I’ll be wearing my leggings as I work on a self-imposed challenge to build up my flexibility again. My daughter is the queen of splits and cheer moves that make her look like a contortionist. As I age, I’ve lost those skills I had at her size, and I’m working on getting them back, and these tights are perfect for sliding down further into split position each week.

This isn’t our first time using these running tights. I bought the fleece-lined version for the guys in my family last year before our ski trip to Colorado. To me, they’re ten times better than long underwear, and much warmer, too. You can’t see them in this photo, but trust me, they’re the layer closest to the kids’ skin, making it possible to play in the freezing weather all day long.

ski family

If you think you’d like to give them a try, leave me a comment below and tell me what big goal you have in getting in shape again. I’ll be giving away a $50 Target gift card that you can use toward buying yourself your own set, or maybe the C9 Champion sports bra. Enter by midnight Tuesday, November 14th, and I’ll pick a winner at random on November 15th. Also, go follow me on Instagram as part of your entry. I’ll try to keep you posted there on my split progress in the coming weeks!

(Note to readers: As I mentioned, I was given a set of these clothes for the sake of a review. I was not otherwise compensated and my opinion remains my own.)

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  • My big goal is to keep at it…and stop eating so many sweets!

  • I follow you on IG…where don’t I follow you?

  • Amy Albers

    I’ll be starting my long and slow road back to fitness after this broken bone heals and my knee is back to normal! Not looking forward to starting over. But I have worn C9 gear for years and it has held up great!

  • Kellie

    After having my third baby 8 months ago, I am ready to get all this baby weight off and get back in shape. My goal is to start exercising and eating healthy.

  • Jessica Strey

    I used to manage running stores before I got married 11+yrs ago… & have the wardrobe to prove it. However, that’s how old my workout clothes are (at least), w/exception of bras & shoes. Let’s add-on the fact I’ve got my mommy-bod going & not my distance-runners bod … you see my point. I would love to treat myself to some affordable new threads.

  • Nanette @ A Mom Blog

    I already follow you on IG, I’d be silly not to. :) As far as fitness goes, I’m walking again and getting into yoga for the first time ever and I need some clothing I can move in and that will move with me.

  • Michelle H

    Okay I’ll bite! As you know I just finished my bilateral mastectomy four weeks ago and I am starting reconstruction process. My fitness goal is to lose all this weight (70lbs) so that my body matches my new additions. Lol. Would live to get some new workout bras for me new boobs… or lack there of.

  • Amanda T

    On July 5th, I started the KETO diet. I’ve lost 40 lbs so far and all of my old workout clothes are becoming more and more baggy. I still have a ways to go but I have never felt better!
    {In addition – I already follow you in IG!} Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Sarah E. White

    I need to get back in the habit of working out before the holidays come and my daughter is home all the time and I won’t be able to as much!

  • Julie Warholak

    I need to start exercising daily (or a few times a week). I tried a challenge chart at the beginning of Oct. and that lasted about a week, so I will try again in Nov!

  • I want to lose 11 lbs.

  • becca0729

    I love any tops with thumb holes!!!

  • Dana

    Those are just the cutest- I love the look of the jacket.

  • meredith

    I need to get myself back into running again – Ive been out since my child was born and really need to get back into shape!

  • Keri Justice

    I’ve been trying to get myself motivated to get back into the groove. Once you fall out it can be hard to get back into a routine. But I must , and I will!

  • MariaGalatiSmith

    I love those leggings! They would be great under my tennis skirt. It gets cold on those courts!

  • Katherine

    These would be great for bootcamp!

  • latanya t

    I would use these for zumba.
    IG follower @sweetums82

  • redheadbabymama

    Thumb holes in fleece are the key to winter work outs! I have WDW races coming up in January!

  • Nicole Zerbini

    Loving these leggings! They would be perfect for running this winter.

  • shellypeterson

    The leggings look great. I plan to walk more and get in better health.
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  • shellypeterson

    follow on instagram

  • Julie Williams

    I just want to fit into my clothes, get healthier and set a better example for my kids. Would love to start running again which would help me with all of the above, but momma needs some new workout gear!

  • Amy Barseghian

    I love thumb holes! Looks so comfy!

  • beth

    I’d love to have a flat stomach-that’s always my goal!

  • Keri Justice

    I also follow you on IG @justicekeri

  • Kate Beatrice

    awesome, love the selections

  • 1porkchop

    I follow on Instagram as @1froglegs.

    We always go on family bike rides, which is not only a good way to keep the family in shape, but alos a great way to spend time together as a family.

  • Ken C

    My wife is looking to start Strong by Zumba and would love these tights

  • Rachel Marie Travis

    My goal is to be down 10 lb by the new year! Had my first baby this year and want to stay on track!

  • i gained a ton of weight after giving birth….5 years ago!! i would like to at least tone and shed a bit to motivate me to lose the rest

  • I started a diet last month and so far I’ve impressed myself. I haven’t had any pop for 6 weeks and I managed to fit comfortably into a pair of jeans that I couldn’t wear six months ago. Love the outfit- especially the thumbhole in the shirt. And I already follow you on Instagram so I left a comment.

  • Kayley

    My big goal after I reach my desired weight is to get some muscle, especially in my arms!

  • Emily Smith

    My goal is to be able to play with my kids without being sore or tired after. I’ve have three very active boys and I would like to TRY to keep up with them.
    Already following you on Instagram as @emilyt1218

  • My goal is to get back to walking a trail a few times a week again that is several miles long.

  • Alissa Welzel Enders

    I’d use new leggings to get some fleece lined ones to keep up with walking in the winter.

  • Elena

    My goal is to start biking daily. Follow you on Instagram as elena1509
    elena150980 at yahoo dot com

  • Carol Roberts clark

    my goal is to start slow and run a mile a day and i follow you on instagram

  • Kenia P.

    My big goal is eating heathier and sticking to Zumba classes. I follow on instagram @twinkies25

  • Angela W

    Perfect for morning yoga.

  • Ashley C

    I love these for yoga!


  • Erin

    I would love to be able to do a mini marathon by this time next year.

  • susitravl

    My goal is to run a 5K in the spring.

  • shsc82

    My end goal is to lose at least 30 pounds, but I want to go slow and tone up as much as possible in the process. The main thing I want to get rid of is my wings. IG shsc82

  • Elle

    I actually stay active year round for the most part exercising outdoors which I love but my main goal would be to switch things up and try new things this year. I mostly just walk or run. I’d like to try more exercises that work on muscles and building strength. .
    I follow on Instagram.

  • Birdiebee

    My goal is to start losing the weight I gained this year by eating better, watching my food intake, swimming and doing yoga.

  • Amy

    My goal is to get my blood pressure down. I want to be able to keep up with my kids for a change!

  • Nate Dahl

    My goal is to lose 15 pounds. I follow you on IG as @natexdeb

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