Mr Money Spray: Show Me the Money

by Desiree Miller on January 27, 2018

Mr Money Spray

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so I did something yesterday that surprised even me.
I went a little hoodoo.
I’d never even heard the term before stepping foot into Miller’s Rexall Drugs in downtown Atlanta.
I was there as part of a media trip a year or so ago. You see, Miller’s Rexall is kind of famous.
Blame it on Paul McCartney first. His solo album, ‘Run Devil Run’, credits Miller’s Rexall for the inspiration for the album. It’s been in the spotlight since then as part of several movie sets (turns out the basement of the building makes for quite the terrifying setting in horror films).
Miller’s is actually a working pharmacy just south of the old Rich’s department store at 87 Broad Street, and over the years, it has come to specialize in products designed to ward off Satan and bring the good life. The shelves are stocked with bottles of bath beads to chase away the devil, incense, candles, and even a spray that promises to bring on the money.

Well, how can you refuse that?

Mr Money Spray
So, while in the store as part of a movie tour in the city, I decided to buy a can of the Mr. Money Spray. I saw it as a small investment in a fun experiment, if nothing else.
No, I wasn’t really counting on it working, but man, what if it did?
When I got home with my purchase I set the can aside, intending to put it to the test the next day, and forgot about it.
Until I moved recently. I stumbled across the spray and set it out on my dresser. Then got sidetracked and it sat…again.
Until yesterday.
After getting some bad news about a job this week, something inside me told me to stop wasting time. After all, what did I really have to lose?
How was I supposed to really find my way to money if I wasn’t even willing to use my Mr. Money Spray that was just staring at me?

Mr. Money Spray
So, I flipped that can over, read the instructions—‘spray in all four corners of the home—including bathrooms and bedrooms’—then went to town. I sprayed every corner in every room.
It didn’t smell great. Certainly not like money. Maybe a cross between a disinfectant and a cleaner. Definitely not like a scented air freshener. But yeah, I still sprayed it all over the place. I admit it. In some cases, I sprayed twice. For good measure.
And waited.
And here’s what happened the rest of the day.
A check arrived in the mail for a freelance project I’d done months earlier…a check I thought I’d get much sooner, had checked on twice, and then, boom, there it was.
I also booked two more vendors for an event I’m hosting three months from now.
And finally, the big one: I got a phone call letting me know the freelance gig where I made the majority of my income—the one that had been cut two days earlier—appears to be saved, at least temporarily, which will buy me time to work on more of my potential future ventures, while still having an income (admittedly lower), that allows me to be a little more selective with the new ventures I’m creating.
Could all three of those things still happened without the spray?
And yes, I hear you. This could be a bit of a placebo effect—just believing it would happen made it so, regardless of the spray.
It doesn’t really matter to me.
I just know I finally sprayed it. Tried it. And good things happened. Things that directly involve bringing more money into my bank accounts.
And you can bet I intend to keep on spraying.
It doesn’t feel quite so desperate anymore.

(Note to readers: Nope, I’m not an ambassador and nope, I get nothing for telling you about this spray, but also am not responsible if you buy it and it doesn’t work. Sometimes, you just gotta’ believe. If you can’t get to Millers, I did find this online…you can click here. Again, I get no percentage of sale…just sharing my experience.)

  • This is awesome! I did not know about this Drug Store, so we will have to check it out when we do an Atlanta weekend with the kids. And what could it hurt to spray a little money spray around?

    • Desiree Miller

      My thoughts exactly!

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