Behind the Scenes with the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall

December 11, 2016

Seeing the Rockettes’ Christmas Spectacular is, well, spectacular, but equally impressive is the opportunity to peek behind the curtain, so to speak, to see how it all gets done behind the scenes. My lucky family was given that opportunity on a recent trip to New York City for the holidays. A friend of a friend happens to work on the technical side of the show, and when she heard seeing the performance was part of my mom’s bucket list trip, she offered to show us around. We already knew a […]

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Springfree Trampoline: Perfect Gift for the Kids and YOU! (Review)

December 5, 2016

(Note to readers: The East Cobb Springfree Trampoline store is having a Family Holiday Party on Saturday, 12/10, that you’ll want to be sure to check out. You can find out details at the event invite here. As part of my partnership with them, I was given a trampoline to put to the test, but not compensated otherwise. As always, my opinion remains my own. My daughter says it passes the test with flying colors. My thoughts on the product are in the review below).  Springfree Trampoline. This is not your […]

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You Never Outgrow a Need for Family: Adoption in the US

December 1, 2016

(Note to readers: This is a guest post I’ve agreed to share with readers on a topic very close to my heart. I come from a family of 10 children–5 biological and 5 adopted. I can tell you firsthand the difference you can make in a child’s life.)   When you think about children what is the first thing that comes to mind? Smiling, laughing, hugs, happiness? Those are all great words to describe the way that kids make us feel. They make us feel loved, appreciated and needed. But what […]

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Six Flags Over Georgia #HolidayinthePark–Time to Celebrate!

November 30, 2016

During the holidays, Six Flags Over Georgia becomes so much more than an amusement park packed with thrill rides. This time of year, the park itself becomes the thrill. With millions of twinkling lights greeting you to your left, your right, even above your head, you can’t help but light up with holiday cheer, as well. And if that’s not enough, there are more than 15 holiday-themed sections, 7 live holiday shows and more than 24 rides and attractions. We attended as part of the media night and barely had time […]

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Heroes and Villains Fan Fest Comes to Atlanta This Weekend

November 14, 2016

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love heroes and those who love villains. Ok. Maybe there’s a third group made up of those of us who love our fair share of both.  No matter which group you fall into, you’re going to want to get to the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest (HVFF) this weekend at the Georgia World Congress Center (Nov 19-20). It’s hosted by the guys who founded the Walker Stalker Con (which is wildly popular among zombie and horror fans). Essentially, the […]

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Little House on the Prairie Laura Ingalls Doll and Giveaway

November 7, 2016

As a child, my sisters and I would count down the minutes until the next “Little House on the Prairie” would come on TV. My mom and dad would be sitting in the living room in front of the one television set we owned, and my sisters and I would be lined up, just outside the room, waiting for the opening music to start, so that we could time it to run across the living room in the same order that the Ingalls girls would run across the prairie on […]

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Macy’s Pink Pig: Atlanta Holiday Tradition

October 27, 2016

There are certain things about living in Atlanta you just come to embrace: shows at the Fox, direct flights to anywhere in and out of Hartsfield Jackson Airport, and the Macy’s Pink Pig during the holidays. It’s part of a beloved holiday tradition for several decades in Atlanta. It debuted in the ‘50’s as a children’s ride (the old version was a cart suspended in air and now hangs at the Atlanta History Center as part of the Atlanta in 50 Things Display). Priscilla – the original Pink Pig – […]

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SHAKEN: Tim Tebow Tackles Life’s Hard Times in New Book

October 25, 2016

You know him on the football field. You know him for his faith. Now, Tim Tebow wants you to know him when life has him shaken, literally. And he wants you to know it happens to all of us. In life, there are going to be a lot of highs and lows, and eventually, everything around you will be shaking, so what will you have to hold on to? It’s a question Tim Tebow poses in his newly released book, Shaken, and it’s something that you’ll be faced with more […]

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Love The Walking Dead? Get to Walker Stalker Con #WSCAtlanta

October 21, 2016

If you are like me, and much of the rest of the world, and LOVE The Walking Dead TV series (it is the #1 TV show, after all), you really, really don’t want to miss the Walker Stalker Con. Walker Stalker Con, or just Walker Stalker if you’re a regular attendee, like me, is a three day event that covers all things zombies—and more. It’s where you can get up close and personal with Rick, Daryl, and the rest of The Walking Dead characters, along with players in several other hit […]

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How to Boo Your Neighbor–and Boo with the Best: #AtHomeStores

October 12, 2016

Halloween can be super fun–and not at all scary–if you choose to take the ‘friendly ghost’ approach with your celebrations and decorations, as we do each year when we ‘boo’ our neighbors. This is a holiday tradition that dates back decades. Never heard of it?  Well, it’s simple and fun to do.  You just put together a little goody bag of candy and/or fun for your friend or neighbor, typically with a Halloween theme, along with a paper that says they’ve been booed, giving them instructions to boo someone else, […]

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