Kicking It with The Rockettes for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular (Plus, How They are So Precise!)

by Desiree Miller on November 23, 2013


(Note to readers: I was an invited guest for this kick class and Rockettes performance, courtesy of GoGoSqueez. I was not otherwise compensated and my opinions remain my own. #GoGoPlayfully #spon)

Every now and then, you get to do something with your child that you know they will never, ever forget, and for me, that happened this week when my youngest child and I got to dance with The Rockettes.

Yes. THE Rockettes.

From Radio City Music Hall.  Known best for their Christmas Spectacular.  Right.  THEM!!

The show is on tour during the holidays and we were invited to be part of a dance class where we could learn the moves from the best.

And boy, did we!

We showed up a couple hours before that night’s performance.  Melinda Farrell, a Rockette who passed her first audition when she was 18, helped us stretch and then jumped right in with a routine.   We learned a few kicks, a quick couple of steps and poses and practiced part of the toy soldier dance which has been part of the show since the beginning.


I took away two things from this class:

1. The Rockettes are in incredible shape. Beyond incredible.

2. The toy soldier part of the performance is a whole lot harder than you can imagine.  Just try walking around for a few minutes without bending your knees, taking baby steps, while looking off to one side the entire time. Your butt will burn (which probably explains how finding #1 is so true).

After the kick class we were able to watch the entire performance and were even more impressed with what they were able to do on stage, especially with the exact precision expected of The Rockettes (if you want to know HOW they do that, watch the video at the bottom of this article)

Here’s a video of our fun from the class–in case you want to learn a quick routine, too.

This year’s tour leaves Atlanta on 11/23 and heads to West Palm next.  This is the list of tour dates.  If you get the chance to see them, you must go! And here’s a code you can use for a discount: GOGO (for performances in New York, use GOGOSZ).

You can use the code for 4 tickets for the price of 3 (or 25% off of up to four tickets).  *Offer valid on select tickets to select performances

Special thanks to my pals at @gogosqueez and #gogoplayfully for making this happen. GoGoSqueez is the official snack of The Rockettes as both groups draw attention to the importance of play.

Additional Rockette’s Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tour Dates

West Palm (11/29 – 12/8)

Tampa (12/12 – 12/29).

New York (11/1 – 12/31)

Nashville (11/16 – 12/24)


Want to know how they know where to stand with such precision?  Watch this video below.

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