(Video) Stone Mountain Park Lasershow Features More Music, Lights and Lasers

by Desiree Miller on June 1, 2014


Stone Mountain Park is famous for its Lasershow Spectacular and fireworks in its natural amphitheater at the foot of the mountain each summer, but this year’s show has an added feature of special lighting at the base.

My family attended the Memorial Day weekend show as media guests of the park (video above) and I loved the new feature, though my kids said they didn’t notice the big difference.  Maybe I oversold the update to them, so they were expecting more, but I think the added strobes of light shooting toward the top of the 825 foot mountain were an awesome addition.

There are also more lasers, lights and music in this year’s show, including 10 new songs from “Let It Go” by Idina Menzel, to “Home” by Phillip Philips and Pharrell Williams’ “Happy.”


Those of us who have lived in Georgia for a while know that Stone Mountain Park’s Lasershow Spectacular is an Atlanta tradition.  In fact, it’s the longest running lasershow in the world.  And get this:  it’s free.  Yes, you have to pay for parking to get into the park, but you can climb up and down the mountain at no cost if you choose to arrive early enough to get in a little exercise.

selfie up top

That is my children’s favorite part, so there’s no way we can ever go to Stone Mountain without making the journey up.  This time, we were short on time, so they agreed to use the Sky Lift on the way up, then walk down (and then walk around the base of the mountain, back to the front where the amphitheater is located).  You just never know what you’re going to find at the top (on this particular day, we were greeted by a trio of bagpipe players–photo below).

stone mountain sky lift


heading down

One important thing to keep in mind, though—mark your spot on the lawn early!  That means you should spread out a blanket and even a cooler to hold your space for later in the evening.  Some people choose to picnic in that spot for the evening (I believe these people must not have kids because most kids just won’t sit there that long).  The photo below shows what that lawn looked like at 8pm when we were looking down from the top of the mountain.

view from top

Or, you can watch from the comfort and convenience of VIP Terrace seating, where you can find snack or casual dining options. Reservations may be made online. Vehicle entry to the park is $10 for a one-day permit or $35 for an annual permit.

The Lasershow typically starts around 9:30, so little ones will definitely need to nap if they’re going to stay awake for the show.  We forget this every time.

On the night we went, there was an amazing fireworks tribute to our military in honor of Memorial Day.  That video is above.  I wish they could do that for every show.

When you see the Lasershow, please comment below and  let me know what you think!

bagpipes up top

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