Little House on the Prairie Laura Ingalls Doll and Giveaway

by Desiree Miller on November 7, 2016


As a child, my sisters and I would count down the minutes until the next “Little House on the Prairie” would come on TV. My mom and dad would be sitting in the living room in front of the one television set we owned, and my sisters and I would be lined up, just outside the room, waiting for the opening music to start, so that we could time it to run across the living room in the same order that the Ingalls girls would run across the prairie on TV. First, I would go, just as Laura ran across the screen, my smile matching hers. I’d usually braid my hair to match hers, too. Then, my older sister, who was as pretty as Mary, with long blondish brown hair, would run out as Mary ran. And finally, my little sister would come running across the living room just like Carrie did, having to tumble every single time, because that’s what Carrie did in the open (you’ll see what I mean in the video below). This is just one of many of my favorite #LittleHouseMoments.

We loved Little House. Their Pa was like our dad. Hard-working. Reliable. Capable of making anything he set his mind to.

Heck, I even named my dog after Laura’s dog Bandit.

Our life wasn’t nearly as tough as theirs, but we knew about struggles, so we could appreciate the hard times they went through, and always survived.

We all had an annoying Nellie in our lives.

And we really wanted to find our Almanzo.

Well, I can’t help but live it all over again a little with the newly released character doll now available.


I was sent the Laura Ingalls 18″ Doll from Queen’s Treasure for a review and have to admit, I felt like a small child again when I saw the package.

Certain things just take you back to where you’re from, and Laura Ingalls will do that for me every time. Heck, my dad often called me Half Pint, just as her father called her, and hearing the phrase still makes me smile.

This doll makes me smile.

You can get your own at the Queen’s Treasures website. There’s a whole collection there that you can buy, or just head over to

And if you want a real walk down memory lane, check out It has tons of clips, images and suggestions for helpful and educational resources about Little House on the Prairie. There’s even a historical timeline ( and many histor
y articles ( as well as fun crafts, recipes and more (I’m not even a pie person and I want to try Almanzo’s Apple Pie).

The officially licensed Little House on the Prairie Laura Ingalls 18” Doll is exclusively made by The Queen’s Treasures.  The Laura Ingalls 18” Doll is available online at and for $99.99.  A full-line of accessories is available at this link.

There’s also a contest you can enter to win the complete collection ($700+ value) as well as the complete Little House on the Prairie DVD set ($100+ value) and Laura Ingalls Wilder documentary ($20+ value)!

Here’s the info if you’d like to enter from our site:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Meantime, feel free to peruse our collection of the books in my office. I told you I was a big fan. 


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