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  1. Gary H Mayer
    December 11, 2014 @ 10:43 am

    The album is a compilation of many other songs, both lyrics and melody. I am a Neil Diamond fan and actually sing ‘Play Me’ and ‘I Am…I Said’ at karaoke bars, to standing ovations. The tracks are disappointing. ‘Nothing But a Heartache’ reminded me of ‘It’s a Heartache’ by Bonnie Tyler. Neil’s voice is still great at 73, but the songs are dull. Perhaps, the last track ‘The Art of Love’ is the best, but none stand out. I can see him in Milwaukee (closest concert venue), but I won’t pay $500 for a good seat. The best things I can say about ‘Melody Road’ is that the CD design is super as is the sound quality, but that’s due to modern graphics and electronics. I used Sony headphones and an old, but outstanding Audiovox CD hand-held, to listen and the sound quality is better than my Sony surround-sound. But, sound quality is not the issue. The album just doesn’t cut it. I’ll give it another try, but if I feel the same, I’ll return it to the library. It was never previously checked out, so the CD is clean, but that’s immaterial.


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