Make Homemade Hummus Like a Boss (Even if You Don’t Like to Cook)

by Desiree Miller on April 28, 2016


hummus courts

(Note to readers: I was paid to try to make this special dish and share it with my friends. I’m proud to say it turned out well and am happy to show you how it’s done. I was not otherwise compensated and my opinion remains my own.)

I have to let you in on a little secret.

I hate cooking. Not even cooking. Making food, in general.

It’s just not my thing. As a child in my family, part of our responsibilities included a cooking rotation. One night a week we were expected to make dinner. I did not like making dinner and burned the chicken the first night I was on duty. I honestly don’t remember if that was intentional, but it meant I was promptly removed from cooking duty one night a week to dishwashing duty every night. I didn’t mind washing dishes then, and still don’t now, but I digress…

I tell you all this so that you can understand just how huge it is that I not only can now make my own hummus, but I LIKE making it…and…get ready for it…IT TASTES GOOD!!


How do I know this?

Well, I recently served it up to my tennis team during a recent home match (did you get the play on words there—serve—tennis? Yeah, I’ll stop now).

Tennis is huge here in Atlanta, and being the great Southern gals we are, it’s polite to provide food and beverages to the visiting team to make a party of sorts out of the match (we’re feisty on the courts, but all kinds of friendly after we’ve won, and sort of friendly when we haven’t). Southern hospitality is not a myth, folks. It matters, and you don’t want to be serving up something that people won’t like.

So, imagine my teammates’ shock when I brought homemade hummus—two different kinds—and it was delicious!

eating smiling

If it wasn’t easy, I wouldn’t have been able to make it. I’m the first to admit that, so know that anyone else can do it, too.

I even got a little creative and mixed in blue cheese with one bowl… and jalapenos in another, giving them very different flavors.


hummus side view

This is how simple it was: I bought a can of Bush’s beans for each style of hummus I wanted to serve. I also bought the Hummus Made Easy pouch from Bush Brothers (it’s like a little pack of magic, but really it’s “the perfect combination of tahini, olive oil and spices”). I threw both in a food processor and BOOM—I had hummus! The hardest part of all of this was finding the pouch of hummus mix in the store (huge hint: it’s next to the beans on the shelf…don’t know how I missed it!). I found them at WalMart (and yep, picked up a can of tennis balls, too, since my Supercenter carries pretty much everything under the sun). I just looked at the pouch for the suggestion of which beans to pair it with (garbanzo, chick pea—trust me, I’ve never worked with either of those cans before).

hummus mix beans

Someone in the store asked me why I’d bother making my own hummus when I could buy a container in the deli section. Well, I told them, because I could make mine even better by adding little things to it to give it extra flavor. Now, I feel like a rock star in the grocery store AND the kitchen. Who knew?! Another combo like this and you’re going to catch me on the next Chef Showdown show, but again, I digress…

julie snacking


Each gal on my tennis team—and the visiting team—now knows the secret to making their own hummus, too, so you can bet this will be a staple at future matches.

And not just at tennis matches. This is easy enough to make when you’re on the run to other events—whether it’s a day at the beach or an evening concert under the stars.

I’m keeping some extra supplies in my pantry so that I have something simple to whip up in case guests just drop in. You know I’m no foodie, so this is big for me.

I love how I can add little things to it to give it extra flavor, which makes me feel like an even bigger rock star in the kitchen. Who knew?!

It’s #HummusMadeEasy that will also make you look like a boss.

AND it tastes good.

Game. Set. Match. (in tennis terms, that means I won!)

(Many thanks to @KendalKingGroup, #SoapboxInfluence, Bush Brother’s Beans and #HummusMadeEasy for including me in this project.)

  • Diane Hill Roark

    Great job! I love all your pictures. If you hate cooking, I know you love this hummus. I enjoy cooking and I still had rather made this hummus and any other hummus from scratch. That is how much my family loved it.

  • Rock star in the kitchen AND the store, yes! Love that you can make it so easily and add your own touch. So fun!

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